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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Changzhou HuaTian Polyurethane Mateirals Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. In the past 10 years, we have become a leading company in PU industry with all our efforts. Intergating research, manufacture, export, import and service, HuaTian plays a very important roll and develops significiantly as a modern enterprise in Eastern Area of China. 

Changzhou is a beautiful city with long historical culture and it ranks as one of the most developed city in Jiangsu province. Located in the center of Yangtze Delta and closed to Shanghai, the transportation are extremely convenient for local import and export business. 

We are specialized in all kinds of polyether polyol, combined polyether, MDI series, TDI series and other basic chemical materials. At present, polyurethane materials turn to be the most proper and advanced material for insulation and energe conservation, widely used in wall insulation, spray, solar, refrigerator, heat pipe, imitative wood, paint, adhesive, elastic and other fields.

Accompanied with the large demand of market, HuaTian also devote to  R&D and production of related polyurethane materials in automotive business, including the car roof, cushion, self -crust and other materials.    HuaTian strictly follows the management rules of international enterprises. The 6 sigma management mode is well adopted to regulate our teams in research, production, operation and service department, with the target to achieve our strategic goal of high efficiency and low energy consumption while enhancing our capbility in international competitions.    



Development history

2020  Established Jiangsu Huatian

Mainly engaged in the sale of polyurethane raw materials such as polymeric MDI, special MDI, polyether polyol, etc.


2017  Group sales exceeded 900 million yuan

MDI sales reached more than 30,000 tons.


2018  Established Delida New Materials

Committed to the development and production of new environmentally friendly materials such as all-water foaming insulation materials, polyurethane for automotive interior and exterior decoration, etc.


2014  Become a distributor of HUNTSMAN in the U.S.

Group sales exceeded 700 million yuan.


2012  Established Xinbao Building Materials

20 million investment, continuous line production of polyurethane external wall insulation board.


2011  Become a special distributor of Yantai Wanhua and German BAYER

Invest 10 million to build a 20,000 tons of polyether polyol DCS automatic production line.


2011  Become a domestic service provider of DOW in the United States

Provide a wide range of products and solutions based on differentiated technologies.


2010  Become a domestic service provider of Japanese NPU company

Market-oriented, scientific development.


2008  Established Huatian Polyurethane

Engaged in polyether, combined polyether, polymer MDI trade.
Under the leadership of general manager Wang Hua, a new situation in corporate operations has been opened.


2004  10 million yuan to build a plant

Expand monomer polyether/combined polyether workshop and cold storage production line.


1996  Chairman builds a factory

Mainly produce monomer polyether and combined polyether.
Quality-oriented, open the market.





Fax: +86 0519-88793028 / +86 0519-88707681

Add: Qiaonan Industry Park, Yaoguan Town, Wujin 

District, Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province

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