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Shu Xiang Battle Reading "Tian"

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(Summary description)

Shu Xiang Battle Reading "Tian"

(Summary description)

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Reading ten thousand books

Traveling Wanli Road
Hua Tian Reading Club
The state advocates universal reading. As an enterprise, Hua Tian has established her own reading meeting to guide and stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for reading, cultivate the habit of continuous learning, so that the staff can improve their professional ability and comprehensive quality.Develop learning path for employees and create talent training channel for the company.

Sales Department Wu Jiayu to share "identity" for you, learn how to communicate more effectively in the work, let yourself gain identity is a technology, is an art.



John P. Cotter



At any time

The words and gentle attitude of the introduction,

They are the best medicine for all attacks.


It's not because there are too many people against it, it's because there are too few people who care about your ideas.

How to use the voice of opposition to persuade others?

1. Involve opponents in the discussion and let them "bomb" you.

2. The response is clear, concise and clear, consistent with common sense.

3. Always respect each other and don't squab or become broken or defensive.

4. Pay attention to all audiences and not be disturbed by critics.

5. Be prepared for the inevitable objections. The greater the risk involved, the more prepared.


This book is not intended to keep the "no" people out of the way. On the contrary, it is intended to welcome them into the discussion of the new plan.It's not trying to get other people to support you with complicated tactics or to make sense of the facts for a long time, to defeat them or pre-empt them, but to respond rationally to your attacks in a simple, clear and straightforward way.


Spring warm March, suitable for reading

The world is harmonious by reading

Culture blends with reading

Life is enriched by reading

Life is wonderful by reading


Reading is a culture, sharing is a virtue





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