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[Jiangsu Huatian] Xiang Yue Wu Tu, Think of the Future

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-25 16:35
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(Summary description)[Jiangsu Huatian] Xiang Yue Wu Tu, Think of the Future

[Jiangsu Huatian] Xiang Yue Wu Tu, Think of the Future

(Summary description)[Jiangsu Huatian] Xiang Yue Wu Tu, Think of the Future

  • Categories:Events
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  • Time of issue:2021-03-25 16:35
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Fireworks March, the grass long warblers flying, in the lunar February 2nd dragon rise day, we ushered in 2021 Wutu Zhi De Yi Xin Reading Conference symposium.Mr. Yu Xiaorong, General Manager of Jiangsu Huatian Sales Company attended the meeting on behalf of the Company.

The plan of the year was in spring. In this beautiful, magical, hopeful, and life-rich season, we agreed with each other. Looking back to 2020, looking forward to 2021!

The symposium was hosted by the first-level national broadcaster, Mr. Duan Min, the image ambassador of Wutu Zhi De Yixin Reading Association.

Wang Xiaogang, curator of Wujin Library, delivered a speech

Chief curator Wang first expressed high recognition and praise for the public welfare activities carried out by Wutu Zhide Yixin Reading Club in the past year.At the same time, Wujin Library also attaches great importance to the activity of Reading Club, especially for the purpose of preparing a more elegant second reading place for Reading Club.Hope that in the future, reading will be able to carry out more rich, more types of reading activities, so that interested friends can study together, exchange, collision more sparks of wisdom, have greater harvest!

Speech by Mr. Liu Weihui, Founder of Wu Tu Zhi De Yi Xin Reading Club

Mr. Liu is looking back on the popularization of Chinese learning in 2020 and the teaching mode of popularizing Chinese learning.It brings us a lively and interesting demonstration of Chinese teaching.

Participants also made their own comments. Among them, Director Xue Hongliang, chief physician of Wujin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the activities carried out by our Reading Club exceeded his expectations, whether it was schools, enterprises, communities and so on, the teaching mode was much more abundant than the original, the scene brought in a strong sense, enlightening people, the soul brought incomparable shock...



Wang Xiaogang, curator of Wutu Wujin Library, and Liu Weihui, founder of Zhi De Yixin Reading Club, presented the annual awards to all the teachers and staff who made contributions to the Reading Club this year. Liu personally wrote the earnest hope and blessings for each winner, full of love...

Wu Tu Zhi De Yi Xin Book Club Award for Best Support of the Year:


Wang Hua, Chairman of Jiangsu Huatian

Mr. Shao Xiaowu, Author of The Analects of Confucius

Xinmei Eye Doctor Wang Xinmei

State second-level psychological consultant Shu Yi

Wu Jinhutang Hospital of Traditional Chinese MedicineXue Hongliang

Lawyer He Dong of Changzhou Consumer Association

State-level announcer Duan Min


Wutu Zhi De Yi Xin Book Annual Best Promotion Award for National Studies:

Qian Duoduo      Fan Zhuomin

Wutu Zhi De Yi Xin Book Club Annual Learning Best Participation Award:

Hu Zhenhao, Xing Shitian, Liu Tao, Yu Xiaorong, Chen Xia, and Xie Fengli.

Wu Tu Zhi De Yi Xin Book Club Award for Best Service of the Year:

Zhao Hong, Chen Yongqiang, Zhang Sen, Cheng Liangkun, Lu Taohua, and Zhao Jieke.

Wutu Zhi De Yixin Annual Learning Best Practice Award:

Jiang Feng       Meng Wenmao

Mr. Shao Xiaowu, Senior Advisor of Wu Tu Zhi De Yi Xin's Reading Society, made a speech

Mr. ShaoXiaoWu first thanked WangGuan and ZhaoGuan of WuJin Library for their great support to the Reading Club, and gave his affirmation to Mr. Liu Wei WeiHui for his silent dedication to the Reading Club, hoping that the Reading Club would continue to persevere and persevere.

For the administration of virtue, such as Beichen, in its place and all stars arch the moon.Any country, organization, unit, team have a core, Mr. Liu is the core of Zhi De Yi Xin Reading Club.

He is not only the core, but also the leader. Along the way, Mr. Liu took the high and high Sinology, the Sinology in the air loft, the Sinology in the book-like, with the Sinology version 3.0, constantly refined adjustment, with the experience-like, scene-like, participatory and humorous teaching mode into the library, school, enterprise, community, to the public.

Our members of Jiangsu Huatian are also deeply influenced by Zhide Yixin Reading Club. From the second half of last year to now, many people have participated in offline reading club many times, and invited consultants to Zhide Yixin Reading Club to give members of our elite class to popularize Chinese learning knowledge. We have benefited a lot and have very strong interest.As an off-line branch of Wutu Zhide Yixin Reading Club, the Company will actively participate in every activity of the Reading Club, and at the same time, actively cooperate with and support relevant work of the Reading Club.

In the end, Teacher Liu Weihui made a final summary of Wutu's Zhide Yixin's Reading Club. Zhide Yixin needed wisdom, benevolence, dedication, and warmth.At the same time, they had to possess the qualities of warmth, kindness, respect, thrift, and forgiveness. Wisdom, righteousness, and spirit were worth it!

Let us meet you in our studies, meet you better, and achieve you better!





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